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Securing Water Rights and

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Farmers in Mirpurkhas



A Project of RDF-Trocaire in District Mirpurkhas, Sindh


The agriculture and irrigation in Sindh is mainly dependent on the River Indus and it is faced with a number of issues including low surface water delivery efficiency, water distribution inequities, lack of storage capacity and control structures, wasteful on-farm water use, inadequate drainage infrastructure leading to water logging, salinity, and environmental degradation, poor operation and maintenance and low cost recovery. Participation of farmers, peasants in water management and reforms has always remained a question and demand by the farmers. As a result of water resource mismanagement, an estimated 40-50% of the water that is delivered through water courses is wasted, and farmers experience water shortages, particularly surface water which is especially critical in Sindh as most groundwater is saline and unfit for irrigation. It is important to work with farmers on curtailing water wastages and improve the system efficiency at farm level.

RDF and Trocaire has launched a five years water management project in district Mirpurkhas to curtail the water wastages and improve system efficiency at the farm level by strengthening farmer organization, water course association and investing into the community level irrigation infrastructure.


Beneficiaries: The project supports approximately 2,000 farmers of 43 water courses of two distributaries/minors namely the Daulatpur Minor and Mir Minor.


Project Goal:

The overall goal of the programme is vulnerable farming communities in Mirpurkhas, including women, exercise their right to access and control water resources and benefit from the sustainable use and management of water for agriculture

Long Term Outcome 1. Vulnerable farming communities, including women, benefit from the sustainable use and management of water for agriculture

Long Term Outcome 2. Vulnerable farming communities, including women, exercise their right to access and control water resources



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 Water Rights Project Flyer English Version  Water Rights Project Flyer Sindhi Version

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